Storage Tanks

  • 78 tanks in 13 tank farms ranging from 2,000 m³ to 100,000 m³
  • Storage of both black and white petroleum products
  • Storage of base oil products
  • All tanks are equipped with blending capabilities
  • All tanks are designed according to API650 standards Tank levels are monitored using SAAB radar gauge


  • Total jetty length of 3.3 km
  • 15 berths for concurrent operations, including 2 VLCC berths with water depth of 23 m and 9 inner basin berths for bunker barges
  • Capable of multiple grade loading and discharging
  • Dedicated pumps and pipelines to maintain product integrity
  • Shore pumping rate of up to 3,000 m³ per hour per loading arm and hose
  • Ship-shore-ship operation capability  

Quality, Security and Safety Control

  • Central monitoring of all tanks and systems around the clock
  • Integrated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to closely monitor tank level, pressure and other parameters
  • Closed circuit television monitoring of terminal
  • Fire fighting systems in compliance with National Fire Protection Association standards and Singapore Standard CP40

Complementary Services

  • In-house Approved Dockmasters and tugs provide berthing and unberthing services for barges
  • Bunker and fresh water supply at all berths
  • Onsite professional testing laboratory for independent survey services