Blending of products (Air Sparger/Mixer)

Storage tanks are capable of blending products via either an air-sparger or a mixer catering to customer needs accordingly.  

Bunker Barge Operations

The 9 berths in the inner basin are specially designed for bunker barge operations. These berths are equipped with PD meters that are calibrated annually in accordance with the Weights & Measures Act (Singapore).  The PD meters facilitate billing and allow the terminal the flexibility to load several barges concurrently from a single shore tank.

Bunkering services

The terminal is able to provide bunkering services to vessels for their own usage.

In-house Approved Dockmasters

This is the first terminal in Singapore to have her own in-house Approved Dockmasters, granted by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), to provide berthing and unberthing services for barges in her inner basin. To facilitate this service, the terminal has safety tug boats to assist in berthing and unberthing.

Intertank transfer of products

The terminal is designed with the flexibility to transfer products between tanks within the terminal.

Online Barge Nomination

The terminal launched her own “On-Line Barge Nomination” system in March 2009 enabling customers to nominate barges via this website.


The terminal is designed to perform ship-shore-ship operations between 2 vessels simultaneously. 


There are 78 custom-built storage tanks in the terminal ranging from 2,000 m³ to 100,000 m³.

Supply of fresh water to vessels

The requisite approval from MPA has been obtained for the supply of fresh water to vessels.   


The terminal launched her own web-based stock inventory system named “JPUT Hub” enabling customers to view their inventory online.