Jurong Port Universal Terminal is the largest independent petroleum storage terminal in Singapore and one of the biggest commercial storage facilities worldwide.  Occupying 56 hectares of land (equivalent to 60 standard football fields) at the southern end of Jurong Island Singapore, the terminal offers 2.33 million cubic metres (m³) of storage capacity and modern berthing facilities. Built over a span of 22 months, the terminal was commercially operational on 1 January 2008.

The design of the terminal was conceptualised from a trader’s perspective with the aim of increasing flexibility and efficiency through providing one-stop services for storage, blending and distribution needs.


Jurong Port Universal Terminal has a total of 15 jetties, including 2 for VLCCs. The distinct advantage of the terminal is its ability to berth 2 fully laden VLCCs simultaneously for cargo operations. Each VLCC jetty has the capability to receive up to 14,000 m³ per hour and connect up to 4 loading arms each time.  The average time taken for a VLCC discharge operation is approximately between 36 to 40 hours.


The terminal’s inner basin has 9 bunker barge berths which are all equipped with flow meters and have the capability to load up to 1,000 m³ per hour per hose.  With a draft of up to 11 m, the berths in the inner basin can berth vessels of up to 15,000 DWT.